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Personal Poem

1. Tell me your name.

2. What is your real name (not necessarily the name you go by, but a name you wish were yours, or a name you feel is true for you)?

3. Name the animal inside you. Explain your choice.

4. There's an object inside your heart. What is it? Explain its significance.

5. There's a word written on your forehead. What is it? Explain.

6. Tell me a sound you love. Tell me a sound you hate.

7. Tell me a smell you love. Tell me a smell you hate.

8. What is your favorite time of day? Why?

9. If your hands could speak, what would they say?

10. Tell me something you remember from your childhood.

11. Tell me a phrase or saying your mother/father/significant person said to you often. Respond to the statement creating an insightful or ironic clincher ending.


I am Juliet Capulet

Please call me Mrs. Montague

A lovebird is inside me, singing her sweet, lonely song.

Poison is in my heart--one drop, sucked from the lips of me Romeo

Star-crossed should be written on my forehead, for my destiny is heartbreak.

The sound I love is the sound of the nightingale, for it means my Romeo will be at my side. 

The sound I hate is the sound of the lark, for it means he will leave again.

I love the scent of Romeo's hands when he holds my face close to his.   But

I hate the metallic odor of his sword, that brought death to my cousin and banishment to my husband.

I am in love with the night, eternal night, where Romeo and I will be together always.

If my hands could speak, they would say, "Oh, Romeo be a glove upon my hand, 

      that you might touch my cheek."

I remember my parents--how they hated the Montagues.

I remember their telling me I must marry Paris.

Marry Paris? I'd rather die!


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