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You are responsible for typing 25-30 multiple choice type questions covering the material listed below.



ROW 1.  Gift from the Sea, "The Bear", "Are You the New Person Drawn Toward Me?",

                "Those Winter Sundays"  Vocabulary units 1-3

  ROW 2.  A Doll's House, "The Sled", "Speaking: The Hero" Vocabulary units 4-6

  ROW 3.  Joy Luck Club, "Ode: Intimations...", "Heroes" Vocabulary units 7-9

  RO W 4.  Death Be Not Proud, "The Worn Path", "Ulysses" Vocabulary units 10-12

  ROW 5.  Joy Luck Club, "Blue Girls", "On Beginning My Studies",

               "Heroes Don't Need Zip Codes",  "The Man in the Water", Vocabulary units 12-15


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