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1. What does Socrates say about the eloquence of his accusers and about his own eloquence?

2. Name the 3 men who are the accusers of Socrates.

3. What are the charges that have been brought against him?

4. Put these charges into your own words. What is Socrates being accused of?

5. Who has proclaimed that Socrates is the wisest man?

6. What was Socrates' reaction to this claim?

7. What does Socrates set out to do?

8. Why?

9. To whom does Socrates first go in his search for a wise man?

10. What were his results?

11. What were his conclusions?

12. To what second group of men does Socrates go in his search for a wise man?

13. What were the results?

14. What were his conclusions?

15. To what third group of men does Socrates go in his search for a wise man?

16. What were the results?

17. What were his conclusions?

18. To what conclusion does Socrates come regarding the statement of the oracle?

19. What final point does Socrates make to the jury in his first address?

20. What is the judgment of the jury?

21. What does Socrates say is "his due" for the "crimes" he has committed?

22. Socrates considers 3 types/modes of punishment that could be imposed on him instead of the death penalty. What "problem" does he see with each?

23. What punishment does the jury decide upon?

24. What does Socrates say to those who have condemned him?

25. What does Socrates say to those who would have acquitted him?

26. How does Socrates prove that death is something good?

27. What do you think is the real reason why Socrates has been brought to trial? Support your reason with evidence from the essay.

28. To what degree is Socrates ennobled by this tragedy?

29. Throughout the essay, Socrates makes a number of statements that could be labeled "philosophic" or statements of "truths about life and the human condition." Highlight them in your essay. Select 3 that seem the most important/significant/insightful to you. Be able to support your choices.

30. If Socrates has proven that death is something good and that it need not be feared, what is the tragedy that this essay deals with?

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