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1. How "true to life" is the opening scene at the dinner table?

2. Examine the author's use of body language in the opening scene? Is it "accurate?" Effective?

3. How does Joey feel about his sister immediately before he goes out of the house?

4. How does he feel about his sled? Support with evidence.

5. How does the sled get broken?

6. How does Joey feel?

7. Find a passage that indicates that he is contemplating what he will do to his sister.

8. How does the author make us aware of the fact that Joey has never done anything this malicious before?

9. When does he first regret his decision?

10. Why doesn't he stop her from riding on the sled?

11. After her fall, how does he react to her reaction?

12. Find a passage that indicates that the sister knows what Joey has done to her?

13. How does their relationship change?

14. What 2 things does Joey become aware of?


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