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  Lesson 1  Our Evolving Language

Lesson 2 Certainty and Uncertainty

  Lesson 3 Behavior

  Lesson 4 Excess

  Lesson 5 Boldness and Mildness

  Lesson 6 Easily Confused Words

Lesson 7 Teaching and Explaining

  Lesson 8 Help and Improvement

  Lesson 9 Wealth and Poverty

  Lesson 10 Criticism

  Lesson 11  Humor

  Lesson 12 Similarities and Differences

  Lesson 13 Governing and Authority

  Lesson 14 Care and Precision

  Lesson 15 Crime and Wrongdoing

  Lesson 16 Exerting and Yielding Power

  Lesson 17 Openness and Concealment

  Lesson 18 Words from the French

  Lesson 19 Sleepiness and Laziness

  Lesson 20 Liking and Disliking

  Lesson 21 Strength and Defense

  Lesson 22 The Root –ject-

  Lesson 23 The Root –cred-

  Lesson 24 The Root –vert-

  Lesson 25 The Roots –cede- and –grad-

  Lesson 26 The Root –cur-

  Lesson 27 The Root –sent- and –path-

  Lesson 28 Time

  Lesson 29 Levels of Activity or Excitement

  Lesson 30 Density, Weight, and Texture

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English II Honors